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In many ways, embodies the major concerns that Richler had focused upon throughout his writing career.

He wished to recapture a truthful vision of his past, especially his youth in the St. He also attempted to make a case for the ostensibly unsympathetic person.

He meets a blacklisted man (who happens to be a communist), and hires him on the spot.

He wants to produce a film about Jerry Dingleman, who had a miraculous childhood, but fails to capture Jerry's attention.

At times he envisions Duddy and the Jewish subculture in Montreal as harshly venal, crass, and materialistic.

But it is Duddy, played so dynamically by Richard Dreyfuss (AMERICAN GRAFFITI), who complicates and transcends cheap stereotype by revealing compassion, family loyalty, and a curious lonely vulnerability.By buying up land in urban areas, Duddy starts to become richer, but at the expense of his emotional health.Now, most of what he is spending is from loans from the bank or friends, and he has no money in hand.Duddy Kravitz is a youth growing up in Montreal, Quebec, and is a member of the Jewish religion.Before his grandfather passed away, he told Duddy that land was important, and "a man without land is nobody".It’s is an incisive and often unforgiving account of nineteen year-old Duddy Kravitz—hustler, con artist, betrayer.Richter has been accused of anti-Semitism in this film.Because Duddy is so greedy when it comes to money, he fires Duddy from a job at his clothing factory.While out on a date with a girlfriend named Yvette, Duddy discovers a beautiful pond that he thinks would make a great resort place for tourists.Yvette thinks that this behavior is rather rude, as she prefers the land stay as it is.Meanwhile, Duddy starts a film company to further his entrepreneurial ambitions.


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