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She has worked as an alternative investment adviser in Miami, specializing in managed futures.Xi has also worked as a stockbroker in New York City.

She has worked as an alternative investment adviser in Miami, specializing in managed futures.

The company intends to hire two full-time pastry bakers and six part-time baristas to handle customer service and day to day operations.

Products and Services JJB offers a broad range of coffee and espresso products, all from high quality Columbian grown imported coffee beans.

Determine what kinds of doughnuts you will specialize in and whether you will sell other food items.

If you are interested in a franchise, inquire with companies such as Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Winchell's and Yum Yum.

The Company JJB is incorporated in the state of Washington.

It is equally owned and managed by its two partners. Austin Patterson has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and management, and was vice president of marketing with both Jansonne & Jansonne and Burper Foods. David Fields brings experience in the area of finance and administration, including a stint as chief financial officer with both Flaxfield Roasters and the national coffee store chain, Buzz Cups.

However, potential shop owners must realistically appraise their financial situation and be prepared for stumbling blocks before those doughnuts hit the shelves.

If you are starting a doughnut shop from scratch, choose the business structure that coincides with the tax and legal liability you wish to take on -- such as a sole proprietorship or a corporation -- and register it with your state and/or city.

This provides the bulk of the current financing required.

JJB anticipates sales of about 1,000 in the first year, 7,000 in the second year, and 5,000 in the third year of the plan.


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