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If in doubt about that or any other aspect of the research discussion you need to write, such as its length, content, heading or position in the paper, remember that the articles you read while conducting your research can serve as excellent models.

If you are submitting your paper to a journal for publication, research articles recently published by the journal will be especially relevant. Begin your research paper discussion with a major if not the most important piece of evidence your research produced, collected or uncovered.

While it is imperative not to overestimate the importance and value of what is, after all, only a short research paper, likely with a rather narrow focus, it is also essential to explain the realistic implications of your discoveries with precision.

Do your findings suggest productive directions for further research?

This must be done in an appropriate and scholarly fashion, and although what is appropriate for one discipline might not be so for another, there are basic principles and concerns that apply to all research paper discussions.

These principles and concerns are outlined in the following list of six practical tips on how to write a research paper discussion.1.In a long thesis or monograph the most significant or persuasive evidence is sometimes saved for later in the discussion, but in a short research paper discussion space is limited and it is usually most effective to work from the most important information or finding down through all the evidence to the least important.Interpretation and explanation of what the evidence means are the goals in all cases, so try to avoid simple repetition of research data and research questions that does not contribute to these goals.Could your findings have an effect on how practitioners do their jobs?Might your findings affect other aspects of human lives such as healthcare, politics or education?Mention striking details and trends in the findings and refer back to visual aids such as tables, graphs and maps to reaffirm information vital to the discussion.If a separate conclusion is required, bring the primary interpretations and implications from the discussion forward to formulate overall conclusions.Keep the facts soundly in mind and remember that even small discoveries can have a big impact.This is particularly the case when the information is relevant to the audience, so determining who your readers are likely to be and paying special attention to implications and applications that will interest and affect them in professional and personal ways is a sound strategy for how to write an engaging research paper discussion.6.If so, those improvements should certainly be emphasised as an important contribution.Are the surprises or differences the intentional or unintentional consequences of the limitations of your research? Acknowledging and describing limitations, errors and weaknesses in the research design and process tend to be essential aspects of a research paper discussion because these issues can affect the validity of the evidence and thus its interpretation and meaning.


Comments Discussion Research Paper

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