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His worldview crumbling, Bacevich embarked on an academic career.Since 2002, Bacevich has written six disciplined, focused, and coolly analytic books about the failures of US foreign policy.

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America’s devotion to the Middle East did not make much sense in 2003, Bacevich argues; but it did in 1980, and the reason was oil.

In 1970, domestic production of crude oil peaked, with an average of nearly 10 million native-born barrels entering the world market every day.

Uncharted Journey is therefore an extremely timely and important volume—a dispassionate, incisive, and practical analysis of the opportunities and pitfalls of Western democracy promotion in this critical region.

Highly recommended to policy makers and scholars, as well as to all concerned with the political future of the Middle East." This excellent, much-needed book is packed with critical insights for the development of effective democracy promotion policies and programs in the Middle East.

About the Authors Thomas Carothers is director of the Democracy and Rule of Law Project at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

His other books include "Since the invasion of Iraq, promoting democracy in the Middle East has become a central issue in American foreign policy and an intensely politicized one.However, King Talal only reigned for a short time due to illness, and Hussein was proclaimed King of the Jordan on August 11, 1952, assuming constitutional powers on May 2, 1953 after his eighteenth birthday...Showed first 250 characters King Hussein controlled Jordan until Februrary 7, 1999 when he died due to cancer, ending an important era of Jordanian history.A self-described Catholic conservative, Bacevich attended West Point, served in the Vietnam War, and in 1991 was the commanding officer at Camp Doha in Kuwait when an accidental explosion injured dozens of GIs and severely damaged the base.The circumstances surrounding what followed are unclear — some veterans online have praised Bacevich’s handling of the explosion, while others have criticized his leadership — but he was not the commanding officer at Camp Doha for long.King Hussein achieved extreme amounts of progress in Jordan, but is most remembered as a "king of peace", as he attempted to create peace in the Middle East and worked toward multiple alliances with the West in order to achieve this goal...The United States faces no greater challenge today than successfully fulfilling its new ambition of helping bring about a democratic transformation of the Middle East.Essay text: Success was perhaps short-lived, however, as King Abdullah I was assassinated on July 20, 1951.Taking over King Abdullah's position was King Talal.For me, the sign’s appeal did not depend on its being correct.What mattered was that it identified Bush as a liar — this obviously was correct — and tried to make sense of a war that otherwise struck me as inexplicable.


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