Dehumanization Of The Jews Essay

Dehumanization Of The Jews Essay-14
People sometimes fought each other for extra rations and later on during the Holocaust, killed each other.

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Continuing this process, the Nazi’s treated and tortured the Jews cruelly and relentlessly.

People were burned alive, stripped of all possessions such as, shoes, watches, gold crowns, beaten and put through selection where the stronger lived and the weaker were burned.

They were forced to work all day with no breaks and were beaten if they stopped.

In doing so, the Nazi’s treated the Jews as animals in the true sense of dehumanization.

In the form of art work, posters, films and books, the Nazi’s preached that the Jews must be excluded from society, resulting in prevalent ridicule, violence, humiliation, persecution and an ultimate sense of dehumanization for the Jews, setting the stage for a mass genocide.

To dehumanize means to treat someone like an animal or to encourage him or her to behave like an animal, to take away all the good human qualities such as friendship, trust, and kindness.However, one of the most extreme efforts at dehumanizing the Jews was through the various experiments done by the Nazi’s.Some of these experiments included: sun lamp, internal irrigation, hot bath, warming by body heat and freezing/hypothermia.Purposely withholding a proper mean of transportation, the Nazis place the Jews on the same level as animals and therefore undermine the importance of Jewish existence.To enclose the Jews in a transport meant for animals is to limit their freedom and further dehumanizing the Jews as well as belittling their self-esteem.In his attempt to create an absolute Nazi hegemony and New Order in Europe based on the concept of racial hygiene, Hitler and his devoted Nazi’s began a deadly conquest around Europe consisting of Hitler’s goal of seizing and conquering land for the Aryans and mass murder and extermination of non-Aryan people.In the 1930’s, Hitler and his Nazi regime led a campaign of propaganda spreading lies about the Jews.Experiencing dehumanization can often lead to feelings of intense hatred and alienation among conflicting parties.The more severe the conflict, the more the psychological distance between groups will widen.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.


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