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The meaning of curriculum according to Thornbury is “…the whole complex of ideological, social and administrative factors which contribute to the planning of a teaching programme…” (2006, p.60) and furthermore, it is “…a general summary of the beliefs, values and theory underlying the mission statement of a given educational institution…” (p. According to Jack Richards (2001), it is important to understand teaching as a part of an interrelated set of factors and processes, that are often referred to as curriculum development.The curriculum thus developed, was piloted and later revised.

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GFPs which meet these standards are recognized through formal accreditation by the Oman Accreditation Council (OAC).

The General Foundation Program (GFP) at the SQU was developed and introduced at the Centre for Preparatory Studies in the academic year 2009-2010.

The Centre for Preparatory Studies (CPS) in the university offers a course called the General Foundation Program (GFP), which is mandatory for all students entering the university. The majority of the students entering into higher and post-secondary education in Oman have to first take a Foundation Program designed to help prepare them for further studies.

In essence, General Foundation Programs (GFPs) are effective in helping students attain the prescribed student learning outcomes in four areas: English, Mathematics, Computing and General Study Skills.

It is carefully sequenced to help students achieve the learning outcomes of one level and then provide them with the skills required to perform at the next level.

Similarly, the courses at each level are developed so as to prepare students for the competencies needed at the next higher level.

This approach to teaching is oriented towards achieving learning outcomes.

The teaching is hence centered on an outcome-based methodology.

These revisions were disseminated through the document to the teachers.

In my article, I will attempt to understand what the word curriculum means and how it is developed, the different approaches to teaching and learning, and the scope for developing critical thinking skills among students in the context of the GFP offered by the University.


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