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Coursework Marking-80
Every programme and every module will have a set of intended learning outcomes which a student should be able to demonstrate on completion of the learning process.Learning outcomes should be measureable and should determine the content, delivery and assessment of the programme and module.

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In most case your GPA is calculated automatically at the end of each semester.

Your GPA will be included on your: If you commenced your course from autumn semester 2003 onwards, and have completed the requirements of the course, you will have a GPA calculated for your course of study.

The Coursework module manages blind, double-marking; marking workflows and allocation; automatic agreement of grades; and controls what feedback and grade information is shown to the student once their grade has been released.

Formative assessment is a required assessment which does not count towards the module mark, is designed for all students and provides students with feedback on their performance.

You may be asked to meet with the external examiner.

For combined honours degrees (major/main/minor), decisions about progress and award are made by a campus Progress and Award Board following receipt of results from the subject Boards of Examiners.Your grade point average (GPA) is recorded as part of your academic record information on the UTS student system.Authorised UTS staff have confidential access to your academic record information.You should note that marks and grades are subject to a process of moderation, which ensures their validity and reliability, and that no result is finalised until confirmed by the Board of Examiners.The Board of Examiners makes decisions about your assessment results, progress and final award in accordance with the course and award regulations.Your performance is generally measured as percentage marks, but grades may be used and some modules are graded on a pass/fail basis only. Coursework may involve the production of essays, reports, seminar papers, a project report or dissertation, designs or artefacts, or participation in a class test.There are set dates for the submission of coursework.Work will not be accepted after this date unless the Course/Subject Director has granted prior permission.You will receive timely feedback on your performance. You may be required to return it at any time within one year.Failure to do so will be a sufficient reason not to take the work into account in determining your results.Examinations are normally of two or three hours’ duration.


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