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This works great for a new product or to bring back customers who have not purchased for a while.When you tell people to pay what they want, people generally pay good money. I generally price my product at a higher price because people will always pay you less than the price.Everyone who will post a photo will ask their friends to like their post. You can also start a competition where you ask them to tag a friend who could benefit from your product like Norwegian Cruise did for teachers.

Here are a few strategies you can use to sell more products to them: For example, if you are selling haircare products you could ask your customers the reason they are buying the products.

Is it to get more volume, to regrow hair, to repair hair damage or style for a party, etc.

Now that you have a list of buyers encourage them to participate in social media.

Create a competition and ask them to post a picture with your product, a story around it or success results, etc.

Promise the most upvoted or random winner to get 3 months of free supply.

This is the fastest way to get new customers without spending money on ads.

First, step obviously is to start getting some sales.

For this step, I recommend that you hire an expert to run ads online. Everything you earn here use it to pay your staff, AD expenses and reinvest for more exposure. Everything you earn from this second sale will be your profit.

In this tutorial, I will give you a strategy to make big money with your beauty and cosmetic products.

I am talking about going from zero to a multi million dollar in sales.


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