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However, note that some contracts expressly prohibit assignments of specific rights, or even all the rights under a contract. You cannot assign the burden (obligations) of a contract by way of an assignment. Assignments are typically used in the construction industry where collateral warranties given by consultants, contractors or sub-contractors need to be assigned to subsequent owners/tenants.If you wish to transfer your rights and obligations under the entire contract, novation is the way forward.The parties to the contract do not change meaning that privity of contract still exists between the original parties.

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Moreover, the contracting parties cannot, by a mere non-assignment provision, prevent the effectual alienation of the right to money which becomes due under the contract.

A contract provision prohibiting or restricting an assignment may be waived, or a party may so act as to be estopped from objecting to the assignment, such as by effectively ratifying the assignment.

The discharge of the existing party’s obligations and rights are, effectively, the ‘consideration’.

Novation is typically used in the following contexts: A contractual assignment is where the contractual rights and benefits (but not the obligations) of one contractual party is transferred to a third party.

Novation in contract law is a mechanism whereby one party transfers all of their obligations and benefits under a contract to a third party.

The original party is extinguished and a new contract is created.If the contract does not expressly state that an assignment shall be void or invalid if not made in specified way, an assignment contrary to an anti-assignment clause is effective and the objecting party merely has a right to damages for the assignor’s breach.A prohibition against the assignment of a contract does not prevent an assignment of the right to receive payments due, unless circumstances indicate the contrary.The power to void an assignment made in violation of an anti-assignment clause may be waived either before or after the assignment.A basic principle of contract law is that only the parties who have entered into the contract are bound by the contract. However, there are exceptions to the general rule, including the important concepts of Novation and Assignment Novation effectively means to replace or to substitute.In any event, the new contract following novation would effectively amount to written consent.Following novation, the original contract will be extinguished and replaced by a new contract between one (or more) of the original parties and the third party. a price) is required to make a contract legally enforceable.Generally, provisions in bilateral contracts that forbid or restrict assignment of the contract without the consent of the obligor are valid and enforceable, even when there is statutory authorization for the assignment.However, the restriction of the power to assign is ineffective unless the restriction is expressly and precisely stated.Anti-assignment clauses are effective only if they contain clear, unambiguous language of prohibition.Anti-assignment clauses protect only the obligor and do not affect the transaction between the assignee and assignor.


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