Compare China And Japan Essay

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The business systems for these countries are centered on cultural values, where delivering value to the people is the key for business systems in both countries.....hedonistic pleasure-seeking and luxury consumption to enhance lifestyle and their perceived social position among peers.

When comparing Japan and China in terms of how business leaders and employees view the future, there are significant differences that are often driven by consumer power in the external market and the nature by which consumption occurs.

On the other hand, a country that adopts inefficient business systems may lug behind in terms of economic growth. Compare and contrast business systems in Japan and China. Japan is not a resource rich environment, that is, the presence of natural energy resources and metallic ores is minimal.

Answer with reference to relevant theories and use comparative country and/or corporate examples. The country’s terrain and climate limit the agricultural sector.

In the business systems of China, the SOE mainly play a crucial function in local industries like materials production supply of power and energy and transport.

Compare China And Japan Essay

After State Owned Enterprise reformation, the market share is lower than the private sectors.

al nations reformed Chinese agriculture, science, technological innovativeness, and industry transforming china into a contemporary industrial state (Broderick, 2003, p.85).

The population control and the one child policy that aided to enhance the strategy towards the Chinese population feeding was also an added advantage.

The two share similar historical cultures like the Confucius Philosophy belief, however, they form different contemporary cultures that manifest in different business cultures.

Concerning the business culture, the Japanese firm business relations and cross-shareholding among groups of businesses formed a critical networks in business, although, such business connections tends to weaken the small business enterprises competitive advantage because of capital mobility.


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