Compare And Contrast Essay For The Odyssey

You can put your diagram below or on a separate paper. After creating your diagram, you could create an outline to further organize your ideas (optional but smart).Although Bilbo Baggins and Harry Potter are similar in their quest for self-discovery and both fall into adventure, each protagonist responds differently to the evil in their world and to the importance of their journeys. Both the stories are very similar with only minor differences which will be discussed below.

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Hecuba plays the caring role of being a mother to Hector.

Therefore fore, when Hector arrives back at Troy with the message that women need to offer a sacrifice of the beautiful robes to Athena, Hecuba pleaded with him to first take some wine and relax, and then offer a sacrifice.

The conclusion should address whether you think heroes are as important to your generation (contemporary America) as they were for the ancient Greeks.

On the other hand, the Iliad demonstrates the importance of women in the lives of the ancient Greece.

To this, Hector objected, claiming that if he was to relax and offer a sacrifice, then he would need to cleanse himself first (Homer, n.p.).

Further, after Hector has delivered this message, Hecuba and the rest of the women in Troy takes up their finest robes and goes to Athena’s temple, where they offered the sacrifice and prayed for the success of their warriors in the battle, and for their safe return (Homer, n.p.).In your conclusion, you should address whether you think heroes are as important to your generation (contemporary America) as they were for the ancient Greeks.Length: 350-600 words Create a graphic organizer or Venn diagram to compare Odysseus to the contemporary American hero you chose.You should have an introduction and two or more body paragraphs.One body paragraph should focus on similarities; the other body paragraph should focus on differences.Looking at Hecuba and Andromache of the Iliad, women’s roles are mainly depicted as mothers and wives.The maternal and protective instincts of their sons are seen as an obstacle that the male hero has to overcome to fulfill his heroic destiny.In both cases there is no evidence for the two women, Circe and Penelope actually being with another man.Circe's main role is in book 10 and there is no reference or text suggesting that there is another man as well as Odysseus however there is defiantly the animals that she had turned from men into their animal like state as she had turned Odysseus's men into pigs however she only slept with Odysseus because he was immune to her powers and Hermes the trickster god had said that she had to.So I don't think that she had actually slept with the men that she had turned into animals because they were obviously not immune like Odysseus was.Penelope was also surrounded by men however they were not animals, how ever much they behaved like one, again there is no evidence in the text or in the references that she was unfaithful to Odysseus in any way. Conclusion In this way Penelope and Circe are quite similar however Penelope uses wit whereas Circe uses magic to deceive people.


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