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In the essay, your geeky photo collection of late Etruscan pottery will make you MORE popular, not less (no offense to the Etruscans).

Most importantly, write about WHY do you do what you do and think what you think.

Jensen, whose knowledge of all things biological and whose tenacity in expressing this knowledge encouraged me to spend the majority of my afternoons researching and building my exhibit.

Her one-on-one weekly meetings gave me the constructive criticism I will need when I write graduate-level research papers…” by reading some good poetry.

Showing: “My high school capstone of scientific achievement was my success in “AP Biology,” where I focused preparation and perseverance onto tests, projects, and even daily assignments, even winning second place at the county science fair with my exhibit on aphids.

However, I owe much of this success to my remarkable teacher, Ms.Explain your thought process—let the reader into your mind to see how you tick.Imagine yourself as a character and really flesh yourself out to make the admissions officers remember you.For example, if I enjoyed and succeeded in an AP Chemistry class, here are two ways I could write about it.Try and spot the differences: Telling: “I really enjoyed all of my AP courses, but AP biology was the best.This is where the “special unicorn” element comes into play—in a sea of high-academically-achieving applications, what special flavor can you add to the school? Maybe your social anxiety disorder has made your extracurricular achievements that much more impressive.What eccentric, weird obsession sets you apart from 99% of the other science or history majors?The Common App announced their essay prompts for the 2018-2019 school year back in January.But, as we all know, time flies and there will soon be thousands of college hopefuls scouring the internet trying to find the best advice for writing this critical essay.: When telling your story, start in the middle of the action to capture the reader’s attention.Then go back to the beginning and provide the background details before moving back to the conflict and showing the reader how you handled the situation.


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