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They did everything they could to stop the African American’s in the south to gain the equality that they deserved and even though the Fourteenth along with Fifteenth Amendments were passed and Congress setting the Freedman’s Bureau, the black codes and violence stopped African Americans gaining their equality, and it was evident that the North simply did not care enough about the blacks right in the South to push for their equality, as W. B Du Bois stated in his book that “The slave went free; stood a brief moment in the sun; then moved back again toward slavery.” (Bois W. Eric Foner agreed that yes indeed reconstruction was a failure like post – revisionists would agree but he can also see the side of revisionists who saw reconstruction in a more positive light.

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Reconstruction in the United States is historically known as the time in America, shortly after the Civil War, in which the United States attempted to readdress the inequalities, especially of slavery and many other economic, social and politically issues including the poor relationship between the North and the South of America.

These problems were highly significant in America, and a variety of groups in government tried to resolve these problems, but this only led to the Civil War.

Economic growing for the state after the Civil War was slow and painful. deceleration in that sector slowed development of the remainder of the region’s economy” ( Mc Pherson. Inventions in engineering and selling didn’t take clasp for 15 old ages after the war. But with the railroads there was labour agitation and industrial force that disrupted the state once more and gave Americans renewed frights.

But it was the railway system that developed economic growing. 000 stat mis of railroads were laid between the old ages 18 ( Mc Pherson. But with Grants re-election in 1872 there was a renewed sense of strength in America.

This gave an gap for the Republican bulk in Congress to increase to two tierces in both houses and the extremist wing of the party gained strength.

Congress was now in a place to implement its ain program of Reconstruction.Unfortunately although there were numerous new constitutions and laws introduced to tackle these issues, it could be said that reconstruction did indeed fail, and there was a variety of reasons that many historians touch upon to why reconstruction did not fulfil its purpose.Two significant acts were passed by congress in 1867, as many more were attempted to be passed, but in reality little had changed both economically and socially in America, especially the South who suffered the loss against the North, instead the ‘reconstruction era’ ironically consisted of numerous riots and graphic violence and failure instead of making the Country a better place socially, economically and politically, most historians would agree but it is still debated on what the fundamentally reason for this was, it was quoted that It could be said that a significant reason to why reconstruction failed was due to the strong white opposition in the South and the way that United States was constructed socially.Johnson seemed likely to penalize southern treasonists and forestall them from deriving or recovering political influence. The governors were responsible for naming constitutional conventions and guaranting that merely loyal Whites were permitted to vote for delegates. disown the Confederate debt and sign the Thirteenth Amendment that abolished bondage.Merely after clip did we get down to see dissensions between the President and the Republican bulk in Congress ( Mc Pherson. The Reconstruction policy in the North that Johnson initiated on May 29. Johnson was forcing for province liberty and this would non go on because of the race public violences go oning in New Orleans.As the Confederate authorities fell deeper and deeper into debt and printed more and more paper money. By August 1863 a Confederate dollar was deserving merely eight cents in gold ( Mc Pherson. Diplomacy should be looked at as another factor for the South losing. Graebner wrote that diplomatic negotiations reflects the position of power and Europe insisted that the Confederacy would non acquire any acknowledgment until it showed the power required to set up and keep its independency this was something that lacked economically for the South ( Donald. During this clip the South was seeking to derive major foreign powers to see its demand for independency and to interrupt the Union Blockade.There was hope that England and France could be persuaded to affect themselves in the war on the Confederate side. I believe to be a immense factor was Lincoln’s liberation of the slaves.How were they supposed to survive without the work and land that they so desperately needed? There was so much wild game, living was not so hard.” (Mckinney) It’s evident that poverty left many African Americans in despair, they wanted their freedom so badly but they wanted to live more therefore had no choice but to go back to their slave owners.If the whites in the South struggled to get work, then the opportunities were minimal for the blacks living in South during reconstruction as a slave himself reliably states that during reconstruction, poverty was at extreme cases and that being a free slave was not liveable, “The reconstruction was a mighty hard pull. Reconstruction was meant to give everyone equal opportunities but due to the poverty it simply gave people lack of opportunities both white and black, resulting in a failure.The first was in 1867 passing Acts of the Apostless that nullified the President’s enterprises and reorganized the South. The chief principal to these policies was that even the poorest and most underprivileged would hold entree to the ballot box. of this new policy and tried to halt this by disregarding officers who sympathized with Radical Reconstruction.This was referred to as Extremist Reconstruction and was a via media between echt Radicals and the more moderate members within the party ( Mc Pherson. The job was how to implement it under conditions so bing in the postwar South. Congress so passed Torahs that limited presidential authorization over Reconstruction.


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