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In diagram A it is showing the particles congregated to one side of the box.

This is an unlikely scenario because the motion of gaseous particles is randomly oriented. Upon addition of heat, gas particles don’t grow any fatter.

69) The following leftmost diagram shows the moving particles of a gas within a rigid container.

Which of the three boxes on the right (a,b, or c) best represents this material upon the addition of heat. the trail lines behind each circle in this diagram are meant to indicate that the particles are moving faster.

The scheduled review sessions will be held in Room 2121 in the Chemistry Building from - P.

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68) Which has stronger attractions among its submicroscopic particles: a solid at 25˚C or a gas at 25˚C?

The attractions among the submicroscopic particles of the solid must be stronger than the attractions among the particles of gas.

At what point is its potential energy at a maximum.

The kinetic energy is a maximum as soon as the ball leaves the hand.


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