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The composer who is in perspective in this case is Wolfgang Mozart For the purpose of understanding more with regards to this composer.

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He is a determined and bold leader who "focused the national attention on the laborers' terrible working conditions, which eventually led to improvements" ( Throughout history, animals have been used for the purpose of entertainment and sport. However, since the beginning of this trend, there has been those who abuse and mistreat these animals. In the United States, prosecution of those who perpetrate acts of abuse and cruelty on animals has grown more widespread as has the desire for animal rights. It refers to any activity or work that hinders children from enjoying their childhood (Shah 1).

Along with Huerta, Chavez headed the UFWOC (United Farm Workers Organizing Committee) in their fight against grape producers, seeking for "better working conditions through nonviolent tactics such as protest marches, strikes, and boycotts." These peaceful means of protests were usually successful and ended up in the signing of agreements between the producers... Child labor has detrimental effects on the physical and psychological well being of a child and deters proper development (Michel 8).

The labor movements have been instrumental in the enacting laws protecting labor rights in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Labor rights have seen integral to the social and economical developments since the industrial revolution.

Cesar Estrada Chavez, the Mexican American, was born on 31st March 1927 at Yuma in Arizona in a middle class family of six children.

At the age of 10, Chavez’s family lost its land due to the Great Depression, and therefore they became migrant farm workers.During the award presentation ceremony, Clinton said that Chavez faced “violent opposition with dignity and nonviolence” (as cited in The story of Cesar Chavez).Chavez’s life gives the message that hard work together with perseverance will certainly assist one to achieve one’s ambition.These great pieces of work have earned global recognition during his time and even in the present day.Mozart was born in the year 1756 in Salzburg out of two Austrian parents. There are.....government while the effective leaders without the so-called governmental power manage to make their name in the pages of history books.Despite this practice being illegal, it remains a rampant phenomenon. Samantha Kohler Number Samantha Kohler is a 21 year old pursuing her studies at the De Anza College.In some cases, it remains practiced openly (Alan 25). Samantha is more of a versatile person in the sense that she is not restricted or restrained in the things she enjoys. That’s how she prefers life to be, full of new and fresh alternatives with plenty to choose from.Finally, the will and power to do the right thing differentiate fake and real leaders.The skill of leadership is famous for emanating from personal competencies of a particular person, for instance, Kennedy was famous for his strength of public speaking through that he practiced the art of influence whereas many writers such as Socrates changed the world of education as he promoted Socratic teaching that is considered as a fundamental principle of teaching in the era of the 21st century.This biography was written twenty five years after the death of Abraham Lincoln. “Dragon in the Tropics: Hugo Chavez and the Political Economy of Revolution in Venezuela.” Foreign Affairs 2011. Venezuela under Hugo Chavez Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was the Venezuelan President and a politician. While searching for information about Lincoln, Browne searched and interviewed people who had interacted or had substantial contact with the icon in his book. “Hugo Chavez and President Bush’s Credibility Gap: The Struggle Against US Democracy Promotion.” International Political Science Review 2007: 493–507.


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