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Case studies highlight and bring our standards, guidelines and policy decisions to life by presenting short, realistic situations where you will have the opportunity to assess, analyze, discuss and strategize a best outcome utilizing your knowledge and experience.

Sarah is patient and listens to Anthony as they discuss his pain options.

Anthony finally expresses that he is concerned with becoming addicted to the Percocet, and that is why he has not taken it.

In addition, Anthony's refusal to participate in care is objective as it is measurable; he does not participate. Now Sarah moves into the planning part of her process.

She knows that her plans should include both invasive and non-invasive pain management measures to help Anthony.Her first priority is to get Anthony's pain managed and under control before educating and teaching him about techniques he can use throughout his day. He is reluctant and then finally agrees to take the ibuprofen.Sarah attempts to discuss with Anthony the benefit of taking the Percocet for such severe injuries.The QNI Community Nursing Senior Leaders network is a digital network for nurses with executive responsibility for the delivery of community nursing services within provider organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.These projects could not be delivered without the funding that we receive from the Burdett Trust for Nursing, our innovation project partner.His vital signs are: heartrate 98, respirations 26, temperature 98.6, and blood pressure 140/87.Sarah reviews Anthony's documentation from other days to find his vital signs have been running high, like what she found this morning.Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.Try it risk-free Anthony is a 59-year-old male who suffered a severe femur fracture, multiple pelvic fractures, and a lower lumbar fracture after a motorcycle accident.Anthony agrees to take the medication to prevent the pain from increasing suddenly.In addition, Sarah goes over the use of deep breathing and meditation techniques that can be used throughout the day.


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