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It is likely he would explore and exploit social media as a leading example of the duality of the human condition: on its surface, the pursuit of happiness and meaningful connection; underneath, a void without meaning, lurking behind the mirror of self-perception.Like anything else, it’s harmless until it isn’t, until we wake and realize we can no longer live without its conditions, its effects, its functionalities.If Camus were to exist online now, he might see our individual search for meaning expressed through the precise ways in which we curate our digital identities.

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Where would his torture be, indeed, if at every step the hope of succeeding upheld him?

The workman of today works every day in his life at the same tasks, and this fate is no less absurd.

When he reaches the top, the rock has only one way to go: back down.

It is only when Sisyphus becomes aware, conscious of the act, that he realizes the horror of his condition. And here are we are now, struggling with and against the Internet.

For Camus, Sisyphus is a perfect exemplar of the absurd: he defies the gods and is punished for this defiance.

He is forced to push a rock up a mountain for eternity.

It blurs the lines, numbs the senses, shelters us from loneliness. As made quite clear in “The Myth of Sisyphus,” it depends on the individual.

Camus believes that in rejecting hope, rather than despair, the individual becomes that much closer to being free.

Our revolt is to reject the call to simplify, our activity of consciousness occurs online.

So we remain, posting, scrolling the newsfeed, curating the timeline—our “freedom” inheres in the Internet’s absence of moral proscription, it’s rejection of codes.


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