Business Plan For Internet Cafe

Once all aspects of your internet café business plan are in place, and you are very familiar with every detail, you are going to be very prepared to answer all key questions in a small business loan interview.

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– Do you plan to have live entertainment, like poetry readings or a string quartet?

Whether the idea of the Japanese kissaten appeals to you or not, it raises natural questions about how long you want people to be able to sit at your computers, what the hourly charges will be, will you have an open-access computer for quick use, of perhaps less than 10 minutes, and will you have laptops and tablets for patrons to use.

At this point in the internet café business plan you also have to have a management team and operations plan.

Having a current team, and then identifying those positions in your organization that you will have to fill are key steps. It needs to identify how much outside funding you might need, and what sources you are planning on using.

These are questions that have to be answered when you establish your business plan, and doing both well from the outset might be greater in theory than in practice.

Try to make a list of every possible consideration, and then come back to that list a few days later and see if you can add even more questions; this business plan must be comprehensive.

Beyond this you want to ask if you are going to offer beverages and light fare, so as to manage expenses in the beginning, or what kind of a menu might you have.

Starting small with the menu might be best to adequately focus on building the internet cafe side of the business, which requires a much larger initial investment, or perhaps starting with a coffee shop, and then slowly building in the internet side of the business is the way you want to go.

A great idea is only as good as the customers that will support it.

Even if someone is not a true capitalist, they still need to consider that to be in business one must earn money from that venture, and certainly enough to break-even so as to be able to continue said venture.


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