Buddhist Temple Visit Essay

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In my view, seeing the Buddhist people change from their western clothes to the robes and have specific gestures throughout the ceremony showed restriction.

Since, they had to show value to Buddha and to the monks, so the behaved in a different manner.

That is, before the arrival of the tour buses and after they leave.

I like to stay in an adjacent village, within walking distance, and be the first one on site and the last to leave.

Did you notice that on the first level all reliefs were hidden behind big andesite bricks? 🙂 Hey Bama, That would be a cool experience to see it after the eruption.

Curiously the builder or the architect of Borobudur decided to cover the entire reliefs of the first floor altogether. Merepi is really close – I bet it has covered it in ash many times over the years.The power demonstrated by Buddhist ceremony shows how people and the environment is He explains how ideology leads to make people behave in ‘obvious way’ and people get preoccupied ideology which makes people’s whereabouts controlled.(Nye 2008, 67) This theory can be connected how Buddhist idolizing Buddha led having restricted.the result is magnificent Beautiful end of year celebrations Thanks for the comment Pat.Those last photos were nice because we didn’t think we’d see the sun then suddenly it burst through the clouds and we had a nice sunrise. I’ve been to Borobudur more than five times, but never been there for sunrise.My group and I were fantasied by the Buddhist culture because of its architecture and that is known to be culture that means of changing oneself in order to develop qualities such as wisdom, kindness, peace, as these qualities would led a better life.We can to observe if this is displayed in a Buddhist ceremony and the best way to observe Buddhist culture was by going to one of their ceremonies.As we were leaving the Borobudur Temple, we saw a lady crawl up on a buddha statue that was 1000-years-old, give or take a century. I Like Big Buddhas and I Cannot Lie Like barnacles on a ship, the temple is encrusted with 504 Buddha statues. As we walked past a raging river or tourists and noisy Javanese school children, I began to sweat profusely in the sweltering heat. Reader, you may be thinking that we had a terrible experience at Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple which is located in central Java. As a result of my efforts to get up early and take these photos, you can see photos of Borobudur without the crowds.Athusser also said that interpellation people are trapped in an ideology that tells them they are free.(Nye 2008,67) I believe this shown by the monks because a shaved head meant they are close to Buddha and have reached wisdom, kindness and peace.


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