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Therefore, beauty should not take precedence in your life at the expense of learning more or developing your brain capacity.The phrase is used to warn the people who take pride in their physicality than their mental power.It is raw talent and your ability to talk your way through challanging situations that makes you meet success face-to-face! In all other fields, politics, technology etc ,science ,there are many people who have done so well ,, inspite of the facts that they are not beautiful..

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The people who invest more of their resources and time in developing or enhancing their physicality to attain their dream bodies and looks than invest in developing their thinking capacity.

Thinking capacity is rooted in information and knowledge thus to expand your thinking capacity requires you invest in learning more subjects.

However, the phrase ‘It is better to have brains than beauty’ does not refer to this brain literally.

It has a deeper meaning that overlooks the superficial understanding of the phrase.

the brains are more likely to go on to higher education and make more in their lifetimes than the beauties and have more meaningful relationships * Who makes all the technology for cosmetics and beauty supplies, and what we modern folk think that beauty is? * Also not even speaking of material beauty, brains…...

Brain is an important organ the body which weighs roughly 1.35 kgs.

Therefore, to those people who overlook developing their brain capacity are warned by this phrase.

Some professions like engineering and other technical fields can damage your looks or leave no time to yourself to maintain your perfect looks.

But the brains should always take precedence in your life rather than the looks.

Beauty complements brains and each entity is incomplete without the other.


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