Boys And Girls Short Story Essay

Boys And Girls Short Story Essay-43
Even without the name of the main character, the audience can tell how she behaves and relates with others, which brings out the imbalance of power that exists between men and women particularly when it comes to sex.The powerful sexual desire that men in this story have completely overcomes the narrator.

Minot also shows that the main character was not confident even though she exuded a different personality.

However, it is only at the end of the story that the narrator brings out her fears and worries.

The narrator brings about the emotional detachment the main character has with authority figures; for instance, her parents.

The narrator shows that even if she wanted to stop her promiscuity, she could not get enough support to advice her and stand with her, particularly her parents. Gunther, made a point of advising them on how to find true love as she had fallen for the only boyfriend she had, Mr.

Gunther, at eighteen years old, which ended in a marriage.


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