Baseball Statistics Research Papers

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Baseball for beginners ( - Glossary of baseball terms and miscellaneous baseball info. Jim's Baseball Rules Answers - Jim Booth, presents his fun source of MLB and Little League rules.

Statistical Studies of Baseball - John Jarvis, retired professor of mathematical sciences at the University of South Carolina-Aiken, provides links to baseball research papers. Take Jims Rules Quiz and find out how much you know.

The announcement of the winners will occur at the SABR Analytics Conference, which begins today in Phoenix.

***The Society for American Baseball Research (“SABR”) recently announced the finalists for its 2018 Analytics Conference Research Awards, which “recognize baseball researchers who have completed the best work of original analysis or commentary during the preceding calendar year.” In the continuing interest of drawing attention to good baseball research, the following highlights each of the fifteen selected articles, which are organized into three categories, and includes an emphasized takeaway line for each nominee.

The game of baseball can be divided into three broad categories: hitting, pitching, and defense. “David Justice,” Baseball-Reference, accessed April 26, 2014,

No other facet of the game gets as much attention as hitting. “Johnny Damon,” Baseball-Reference, accessed April 26, 2014, On August 11, the Nationals were 6.5 games behind the Braves for the NL East lead. Today, they enter play 8 games back of the Braves for the NL East lead.For reasons having nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with local politics in a county adjacent to the one in which I reside, this annual feature is appearing far too late to serve its original purpose, which was to educate the public about the SABR research award nominees prior to the close of the voting period for those awards, which occurred on February 12.Because baseball fans are, if nothing else, creatures of habit, I went ahead and completed my usual summary of the finalists, which appears below.Even if you no longer have the opportunity to help decide which articles win, you still have the opportunity to read them, and, if you’re hunting for some text to whet your baseball appetite before the regular season starts, you could do worse than to begin with these selections from last year.Contrary to what you might assume from the article’s title, the pitch tunnel idea isn’t new. They do so by focusing on the hitter’s swing decision point, what they refer to as the “point of no return” or the “tunnel point.” At some point on the pitched ball’s path toward home plate, it becomes too late for the batter to decide whether to swing and still have a chance to hit the ball.While it’s somewhat intuitive to envision how those applications might operate, the introductory article was short on specific examples using the new data, and I don’t recall much additional writing on the subject until a earlier this year, when Long and Pavlidis, along with Martin Alonso, returned to the subject in an article that’s likely to receive a SABR nomination for 2018.Retrosheet - founded in 1989 for the purpose of computerizing play-by-play accounts of as many pre-1984 major league games as possible. The Baseball Index (TBI) - Andy Mc Cue, SABR project providing a free catalog to baseball literature.Newspaper Archive - search newspaper articles about pro baseball in more than 50,000 historical newspaper pages.In an attempt to develop more specific, objective forms of statistical analysis, the idea of Sabermetrics was born.Bill James, a man who never played or coached professional baseball, is often credited as a pioneer in the field and for coining the name as homage to the Society of American Baseball Research, or SABR.


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