Ayurvedic Treatment For Spondylothesis

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The treatment for spondylolisthesis depends on your severity of pain and vertebra slippage.

The way we do that is by using x-ray or fluoroscopy guidance to know that we're exactly at that spot and that can provide immediate relief and by using corticosteroid in conjunction with that anesthetic, it can actually provide reduction in inflammation, which usually accompanies the injury and drives some of the pain as well.

So, overall, we have to establish the fact that it's stable before we actually begin the treatment because our treatment will really depend on stability of the segment.

They must modify their activity because they need to prevent further injury. Controlling the pain can be done through use of oral medications, but also that lysis or that fracture site can be painful in itself.

In order to control pain that comes from the site of the fracture or that lysis itself, what we can do is, under controlled conditions, we can put medication directly at that site.

It can affect at any age but is most prevalent in people over 30 years.

Ayur Mana offers the best Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala, India.I opted for Ayurveda and in about 4 weeks all my symptoms disappeared.Never expected the remarkable improvement in such short time Back pain affects most of us one time or the other in our lives, and at least 30% among us are suffering at any given time.It’s a painful condition but treatable in most cases. Proper exercise techniques can help you avoid this condition. Some of the most common symptoms are: Causes of spondylolisthesis vary based on age, heredity, and lifestyle.Children may suffer from this condition as the result of a birth defect or injury.Playing sports may also cause your strain to overstretch and put stress on your lower back.The following sports are especially likely to cause this condition: Physical exams are the first step in diagnosing this condition.In other words, from nerves being pinched, from this slippage to progress and then become a medical emergency, sometimes it is done preemptively.Otherwise, the muscle spasms that usually follow the muscular tension balancing is an important aspect in treating spondylolisthesis.Your doctor may also look for any possible bone fractures on the X-ray images.Your doctor may order a more detailed CT scan if the misplaced bone is pressing on your nerves.


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