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All raids will be approved if you have "Allow All" turned on, otherwise the raid must be led by an officer in your guild, or by someone in your "Allowed Players" list.

However, just because you are able to edit/send assignments doesn't mean everyone in the raid will accept them.

This addon was written by the guild Angry (US-Illidan) to handle assignments during raids.

It provides a convenient way to store and share assignments for different bosses, allows editing by multiple people, and is able to display the information to raiders in a configurable format.

If you selected the auto-hide in combat option, they'll hide when you get into combat, but you can always bring them back up at any time by using the Toggle Display keybinding or other methods.

Assignements Russ Tedrake Thesis

If you re-log or reload your UI during the raid, your addon will pull information from the raid leader to get back in sync (if you are the raid leader yourself, it will use saved data).You can perform a version check to see who in your raid isn't accepting assignments - they'll be listed as "Not allowing changes".You will likely want to configure a keybinding for "Toggle Window" in the game keybindings. The window can be scaled up or down via the "Scale" parameter in the configuration menu (or via "/aa scale").Played a couple of CQ large maps with the stg44 to do some assignements, I really don´t know why I do those but anyway... I mean after using it on both Hamada and some closer maps, it is seriously "meh".I seriously rather use the Ribeyrolle with its kind of bad rof than the stg with just a tad better rof, way worse recoil and it really must have some **** spread increase thing going?Categories are completely local to you, for your own organizational convenience, and won't be visible to anyone else.You could, as an example, create a "Hellfire Citadel" category then move all your Hellfire Citadel-related pages under that category.At that point, you can continue your edits and eventually overwrite their updated version by hitting "Accept", or alternatively you can hit "Revert" which will abandon your own edits, and instead bring up their updated version of the page.(Tip: if you want to merge your changes with theirs, then you could highlight the particular section you were working on, copy it with Ctrl C, then hit Revert, highlight the same section in their version, and paste your changes on top of it with Ctrl V).Upon leaving the raid, the on-screen assignments will go away.When in a raid, you'll be able to edit and send assignments if you're the raid leader or an assistant and if the raid is, from your perspective, "approved".


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