Articles Of Confederation And Us Constitution Essay

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The Articles of Confederation was the nation’s first Constitution.The articles created a loose Confederation of independent states that gave limited powers to the central government.

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Each state would have one vote in the house of Congress, no matter the size of the population.

Members of the one-house Congress, such as Pennsylvania, agreed that the new government should be a unicameral legislature, without an executive branch or a separate judiciary.

Finally, this government created protective disputes over lands west of the Appalachian, which led to open hostilities.

The Articles of Confederation created a wide variety of failures for the United States.

The states repulsed the idea of federal taxation, which led to overwhelming increase in the currency by 98 percent, because Congress did not have enough funding.

Another handicap of Congress was that it wasn't able to control interstate or foreign commerce, which resulted in doubt and higher prices for merchants and consumers.

The Articles of Confederation required ratification by all thirteen states, which nearly eliminated any chance of change.

On voting matters, certain resolutions dealing with war, treaties, regulation of coinage, etc., required the approval of nine states to be ratified.

Some of the failures of the Articles of Confederation can be reviewed through the borders and restricted powers that Congress possessed under the Confederation.

First and foremost, Congress had no power to levy taxes on the states; instead it depended on donations made by the states.


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