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However, the invention was made 19 years later in 1989 by a CERN employee, Tom Berners Lee.

However, the invention was made 19 years later in 1989 by a CERN employee, Tom Berners Lee.The web has transformed the way we work in various field including education, music, finance, reading, medicine, dating, networking, language and the like.The Penicillin was mass produced during World War II to rid servicemen of venereal diseases and is still used as a standard antibiotic for infections.

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In 1996, more than 25 million computers were connected through the internet across 180 countries.

Inventor: Tim Berners-Lee The World Wide Web as we know was first predicted by Arthur Clarke when he wrote that one day satellites would bring accumulated knowledge of the world to our fingertips, combing the telephone, photocopier, television and computer.

The telephone which later also developed as a mobile phone has had life-saving impact on mankind especially in the field of business and communication.

The extension of audible speech from within one room and across the world is a work unrivaled till today.

It is evident how life has changed since technology has been introduced in the human life.

When we think about technology mostly the first thing that comes to our mind is the image of a computer.

Technological advancements such as computers have been designed and created with the only purpose to help humans and make their lives easier.

Computers have become indispensable in any workplace where they are basically considered a compliment for people to help them on developing their activities.

The idea was taken forward by many others to create a workable and bright light bulb that revolutionized indoor living.

Inventor: Alexander Fleming Accidently discovered in a bacteria infested Petri dish by Nobel Prize winner, Alexander Fleming in 1928, Penicillin drug is a group of antibiotics that cures several infections in human beings without harming them.


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