Advantages Of Joining A Study Group Essay

An unmotivated or underprepared group can turn into one long gossip session.

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This means that, if one student is weak, his presence can be detrimental for everyone else.

One loud, rowdy or unprepared student can make it difficult for everyone else to stay on track.

A study group only works if everyone does their part.

The group sessions are only are strong as their weakest link.

Students study in groups to explain concepts to each other and to quiz each other.

Advantages Of Joining A Study Group Essay Critique Qualitative Essay

However, there also are disadvantages to studying in groups.

Instead of making their way through the course, they often end up trying to motivate that student to keep up.

Sometimes it’s not one student causing the problem but the group itself.

A study group can help solidify and clarify course materials, leading to more promising classroom experiences, and potentially a better GPA.

By understanding the subject and feeling motivated, students may feel more willing to do better in class, on tests, and on assignments.


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